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The Potty Diaries

The Potty Diaries

Success Stories

We’ve had some wonderful feedback about out Potty Tots Toilet Training Program.  We LOVE to hear from you about your success!  If you would like to share a cute story about your child and the Potty Tots, we’d love to hear from you!  Email us at missmaggie@pottytots.com

“The twins, at two years old, while giving all the signs of being “potty ready”, were none the less still interacting with their potties as though they were wild orangutan babies.  At preschool the twins were steadily going potty with the help of teachers, but at home potty -going was still an ordeal of epic proportions! One would gleefully run around piddling little puddles while my husband and I would be desperately mopping up after her.  My other daughter would refuse to admit she had to use the potty. Until the countdown was T-minus 1 second and counting! We were hard pressed to find a clean pair of dry pants for them by the end of the day! Then I won a potty training kit called Potty Tots as a giveaway at a Twitter party.  I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try- maybe we could learn a few new tricks. So about a week later, I got the kit in the mail.  There was a spotty training book, potty training DVD a Potty chart and a Potty Game. The girls demanded to see the DVD right away.  We popped it in, and they were riveted!  Next they demanded I read them the storybook-they loved it! Then they demanded to go potty. We trooped into our bathroom where I had already set up the Potty Chart and Potty Game.  I was floored when my girls started pointing and following along with the steps on the Potty Chart! I didn’t even have to chase them around the bathroom first or pull them away from the they got their pants down, sat down and did their business without long drawn-out dawdling, then they carefully counted out the appropriate amount of toilet paper!!! I was s hocked at this point because I usually have to wrestle them for control of the toilet paper before they wasted half of the roll. They wiped, hopped off, got clothes back in place, flushed and went to the sink to wash their hands.  Then, triumphantly, they went over to the Potty Game and advanced their marker to the next position.  Then they simply exited the bathroom and went on playing! Instead of 20 minutes of toilet torture for me, everything was over and done in less than 5 minutes! O.M.G!!!

-Lara N. New Jersey

“Even though my kids are 100% diaper free at 4 1/2 yrs old, they still refer to the Potty Tots Potty chart and read off the steps as they use the bathroom!  Sometimes I even hear them singing the Potty Tots Theme song!”

-Lara R.

“Thank you so much for making this potty-training video. I tried everything from Elmo goes Potty, Pampers Pull-Up training video and was even about to shell out $150.00 on a doll and underpants for Angela. I ran across your video and I must say it was a God send. The little video you have on your website caught Angela’s eye and she wanted to watch it over and over. I bought the Potty Tots Program and she asked to watch that video over and over too!  After a week she got it, no pee-pee in her pants. I work in a big-name children’s store and parents ask me all the time what is the best potty training product. Now I say Potty Tots worked for my daughter and it will work for you. The story line is great, and the most important thing is that the little kids in the video are doing what you want your little one to do, which is go potty in the bathroom. I told my manager we should sell your product in our store because it is AWESOME!! Thank you again for making this product!”

 -Jessica Jannsen

“Dear Potty Tots, I can’t thank you enough for the potty kit you put together! We have been working on potty training with my daughter for 8 months and after trying other books and programs, Potty Tots instantly clicked, and she was super excited. We have been doing it now for 4 days and she has had no accidents. She asks all the time to watch the DVD and tells me the steps all day long. She loves the Toilet Bowl game and gets so excited when she gets to move her girl. We use two Potty Tots (one for pee and one for poo) Thanks again…I will recommend Potty Tots to everyone I know!!”

– Shawnee Cooper

“Every parent goes through potty training, in some form or another. Some kids just make it easy on their parents and show the desire to go at a young age. Some know what the deal is and just push back for as long as they can. In our family, the mind games and bribes don t really work. She’s going to go when she’s good and ready and it’s not going to matter what we do to get her to that point. Although, until we get to that point, we do whatever we can to ease her in and to feel like we’re being proactive. Cue the Potty Tots. These little animated kids are fun and cute and super informative. It makes me happy when Hailey asks to watch her Potty Tots DVD and then proceeds to sing along with the songs. I sit and hope that something is clicking inside of that pretty little head when she watches. What we (the parents) like about this product is that it comes with the tools to engage your child and successfully get them on track to a diaper-free world. The more they understand the process, the easier the transition. There are two Potty Tots kits; one for girls and one for boys. The kits both contain a DVD, book, potty chart for the bathroom and Toilet Bowl progress chart. Hey, just in time for football season!”


“I really believe the Potty Tots have helped my little boy by addressing some of his fears related to potty training that we were not aware of, and consequently were not sensitive to, and by giving him a road map for success.  The other morning, we were in the bathroom and he wanted to sit on the potty.  I began to pull his pants don and he said, “No, Mom!  I want to do it!”  So, I pulled his pants back up.  He then looked at his potty chart, which is directly across from the toilet and said, “Step 1: pants down,” and proceeded to pull down his pants.  He then said, “Step 2: go potty”, and got up on the potty.  It was hilarious and wonderful!”

-Shelley A. , Los Angeles, CA

“Hi!  I have a daughter who is 3 ½ and had just started a new preschool year, a brand new preschool, and it would be the first time without her brother there who had moved on to Kindergarten.  She only goes part time and the first two weeks of going to preschool she would scream and cry for me when I left her and she would not go to the bathroom, for anyone but me.  I thought I had made a horrible mistake by having her go to this new preschool.  I purchased the Potty Tots Potty Training Program and played the. DVD for her that night. The next morning was a school day and she got up and was ready to go…she has not cried one day since watching your DVD. Also, it has helped a lot with her fear of the toilet.  And it is very cute…she counts and makes sure she uses just 3 squares of toilet paper! I think your DVD is not only a wonder to help with potty training, but also for children who are just starting preschool.  It has made a HUGE difference in our family’s life…Thank you very much!!”

-Erin Miramon, California

“Thomas is two and has not been interested in the potty at all.  He LOVES the Potty Tots!!  We put the chart on the wall.  He doesn’t want to go yet, but he is interested in helping his big brother (3yrs) by getting him 1,2,3 pieces of toilet paper!  Two nights ago, Thomas started to go potty on the floor before getting into the bathtub and I told him to stop and go potty.  Guess what? He did!  And doing so said, “like Potty Tots do.”  It’s a start!  Thank you!  What a great idea!  I will share this with my neighbors and friends with tots!”

-Stephanie W., Atlanta ,GA

“Hi!  I just wanted to let you know we finally have SUCCESS!!!  Dylan has been consistently going to the potty for the past couple of weeks.  He was recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Although he was going through speech, physical and occupational therapy, his diagnosis came as a bit of a shock.  In any case, he has made such great strides, and the Potty Tots have been such a great help with his potty training.  And I just have to say that my husband cannot stop singing the Potty Tots Potty Song!  It is so funny.  We watch the DVD so much that the song is stuck in his head!  Thank you so much for your support.”


“I can’t tell you how wonderful your product is!  I was extremely concerned about my guys (twins) not “getting” potty training.  They were late starters to the world of potty training and showed zero interest.  When they were 3 years old, I was desperate to get them trained due to the requirements for preschool that they be potty trained.  One of my guys has mild Autism and I was even more concerned about his understanding of the process. As it turned out, with the visual aids, the chart, DVD, book and songs, it was an instant hit with the boys, and they watched the DVD several times a day.  We sang the songs all the time and eventually it just became a natural part of their day.  One learned quicker than the other.  And the other simply watched and did what his brother would do.  We posted the chart in the bathroom, so they understood the steps involved. In fact, many times they would correct me to make sure they only took 3 pieces of toilet paper. It really helped them to become more independent in the bathroom.  When we weren’t at home, we sang the Potty Song to remember the 6 steps to potty training. I love your product and have been recommending it to everyone I know.  Thank You!!!”

-Theresa McMillan

“Fed Ex just delivered Potty Tots today and Alex was jumping up and down. He was so excited! He LOVES the book and DVD. I sent messages to 7 friends who have children getting ready to potty train.  Thank you so much for creating this Fabulous kit!”


My favorite part of the training kit is the illustrated potty chart that gives “Bug” visuals on the step-by-step process of using the potty.  Although the fact that he is actually making a huge progress since we started using the kit is my absolute favorite.  I also love the Potty Tots potty training website, it is so full of useful information on the creators, stories about the Potty Tots characters, fun coloring pages for “Bug” and of course the Potty Tots Rock song!  We have now been using the Potty Tots for a few months now and have gotten wonderful results. I am so impressed with the way “Bug” took to this program and the fact that the characters are relatable to him.  I am proud to say that we are now out of Pull-Ups during the day, he still wears one at night, but refuses to wear one during the day….he wants big boy underwear. Thank you so much Jill, I was beginning to think that he was never going to be interested in potty training.   We love Potty Tots and we highly recommend this super fun and highly effective program to any. Parents looking for a fun way to get their children interested in using the potty! I can’t stress enough how much this program has changed the course of our potty training!

-Stephanie Grant

“When it comes to potty training there are a lot of people out there talking about it. I read all the information and understood all the signs.  But it wasn’t helping Abby just get up and go potty.  She was already three years old and everyone in my family and most of my friends were giving me grief that she wasn’t already done potty training.  The pressure was everywhere to get it done!

The product that worked best for my family was easy-peasy $20 Potty Tots Potty Training Program. Why buy pull-ups?  They just prolong training, don’t they? I have no scientific evidence on that, but every mom I talk to tells me pull-ups make it easier but months longer. I tried using stickers, candy, rewards, yelling (that one wasn’t planned, it just sort of happened when she pooped after she got off the potty). But a week and a half after using the Potty Tots…Abby was done.  I mean DONE.  She went through naps and nighttime without a diaper.

-Jennifer Gniadecki

“When the Potty Tots kit arrived in a wonderfully organized box showcasing the DVD, book, potty chart and interactive “Toilet Bowl” game, LJ was thrilled! We watched the DVD over and over and he danced and danced.  I can still hear, “I can do it all by myself.” Over and over in my head. He was able to tell me all about going potty and was motivated to learn.  I loved that the book and DVD modeled how to go potty on the toilet.”

-Amber Marsh

“My children (all 5 of them) loved watching the Potty Tots DVD. The songs are fun and the chart extremely helpful.  I am reminding my “big” kids step 5—FLUSH!”  We have a phantom potty user in our house!”

-Nancy Peterson

“ ‘Georgie’ and I watched the Potty Tots DVD together and she really enjoyed “the Potty Song and danced to that for a while. She was entertained by the characters of the DVD because the two charts that come with the kit also have the same characters.  The consistency is there for her. We also read the Potty Tots book together and I discovered my other daughter, ‘Curly’, reading the book out loud  to both of them a couple of times.  I will say right now that our favorite part of the kid-by unanimous decision- is the illustrated “My Potty Chart”.  With a picture matching written instruction, each step in the process of potty-ing is lined out, making it easy to reach and for kids to remember each step!  I have it taped to the wall right next to the toilet, not only does Georgie look at it, but it is reinforcing the steps for Curly who sometimes misses one or two in the process) FANTASTIC!! Having used this product, I can say it is making a difference for BOTH my girls and Georgie is telling me more often when she needs to go.  She is motivated by using the “stickers and enjoys reading the book regularly.  I highly recommend this to any mom who is new to potty training or not having success with any other method.”

-Debbie Taylor

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