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Meet the Potty Tots

The Potty Tots are 10 adorably diverse toddlers that each have a distinct personality. Your toddlers will get to know the Potty Tots through reading the potty training book and watching the animated toilet training DVD. By identifying with their new little friends, your toddler will toilet train following along with the story and the six steps of potty training and potty training chart.

The toilet training steps are further reinforced by singing the Potty Song and tracking their little successes along the way with the potty training chart. It’s time to put away the Pampers, unhitch the Huggies and ditch the diapers for good,

Anthony’s Mom says he was born with the gift of rhythm. He doesn’t really know what that means, but he knows he loves to play the drums all day long. He started with pots and pans and then graduated to bongos and now has a set of drums with drumsticks and everything!

Enrique runs around the house in a red cape with a big E on his shirt. He is determined to be a Super Hero when he grows up. He practices his super hero strengths by leaping over the building blocks in a single bound and saving his sister’s doll from falling off of the bed!

Henry has always been a master at Hide and Seek. He especially loves finding the best hiding places on the playground. One time he was hiding for so long that he almost missed snack time! He also loves to amaze his friends with his magic trick of making a penny disappear!

Ian is an “extreme” toddler! He loves putting on his helmet, knee and elbow pads and skateboarding on the patio in his backyard. He even made a little ramp out of a piece of plywood he found in the garage! He has a little jeep and races his big sister on her tricycle. There is no stopping this future “speed racer”!

Marcus loves playing football with his Dad. They play inside, they play outside. He even has a football pillow on his bed! His Dad takes all the neighborhood boys to the park for a game of football, and then they all go back to Marcus’ house for hotdogs and French fries
(Marcus’ second favorite thing in the world!)

Ally is very athletic. She loves playing goalie for the pee wee soccer club. Whenever she gets a chance, Ally has a microphone in her hand and sings as loud as she can. She hopes one day to be the first professional singing soccer superstar!

Emily loves animals. She has two puppies named Cookie and Annie. She loves to help take care of them everyday. She feeds them, brushes them and takes them to the park to play.

Leilani loves all kinds of dancing. She takes ballet and Polynesian dance lessons. She also loves baking cookies with her Dad and surprising Mom with a big plate of chocolate chip cookies!

Shamika loves gymnastics and can do a cartwheel and a summersault! Her favorite treat is jellybeans. Her mother has a jar of jellybeans in the kitchen and Shamika can have one every time she does a good deed!

Shannon loves the outdoors! She and her family plant flowers in the garden every spring. She has a special section called, “Shannon’s Secret Garden.” She takes good care of her flowers and loves to watch them grow. Indoors she loves finger painting. She just has to remember to keep the paint on the paper!

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