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“Dear Potty Tots, I can’t thank you enough for the potty kit you put together! We have been working on potty training with my daughter for 8 months and after trying other books and programs, Potty Tots instantly clicked and she was super excited. We have been doing it now for 4 days and she has had no accidents. She asks all the time to watch the DVD and tells me the steps all day long. Thanks again…I will recommend Potty Tots to everyone I know!!”

Shawnee Cooper

“Noah loved the book and DVD which not only stars the Potty Tots, but they use the very same system as in the book (showing the same chart and everything). It is exciting for the child because they get to do the exact same things as their favorite characters in the book. Kids like to imitate. The awesomeness here is just, well, awesome. This system worked wonders with Noah. Anything that helps encourage your child, and you for that matter is worth it’s weight in gold. Potty Tot is most definitely worth it’s weight in gold!”

Living La Vida – Mommy Bog

“We’ve been singing and dancing in our bathroom thanks to a potty training system called Potty tots! The interactive system takes toddlers on a storytelling journey to learn that lots of kids are nervous about going on the potty, but with the help from a funny book, DVD and potty charts they can succeed. For AJ who’s an avid reader and music lover, the Potty Tots Potty Training Program with an original story and songs has been a hit! He’s interested in going to the potty and finally understands why I ask him to sit on the potty so often. Plus he’s got 10 funny preschoolers and their teacher Miss Maggie to guide him.”

Joyce Brewer – Mommy Talk Show.com

“Spencer is really into using the potty more than ever! Whenever he doesn’t want to try, all I have to do is ask him if he wants Anthony (his favorite Potty Tot) to get closer to a touchdown on the Toilet Bowl Game. Works every time!”

Charlotte H.

“I think your DVD is not only a wonder to help potty training, but also for children who are just starting preschool. The Potty Tots story set in preschool helped my daughter not to be so afraid and to see how fun it can be. It has made a HUGE difference in our family’s life! Thank you very much!”

Erin Miramon

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