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Letter for Parents

Dear Parents and Educators,

Thank you for your interest in the Potty Tots Potty Training Program. Just a few recommendations on when to start Potty Training and how to introduce the program for maximum effect….

Step 1- Go to the website (www.pottytots.com) and click on the Tips and FAQ’s Tab. You will find Frequently Asked Questions & Answers and Signs of Readiness. (how to know if a child is ready to start the potty training process).

Step 2- Go to the Fun for Tots Tab and let the child meet the Potty Tots and play interactive games with them online. By making friends with these toddlers, the child will be more motivated to learn the steps of potty training from these new found friends .

Step 3- Once you determine that the child is ready to start potty training, you can purchase the Potty Tots Potty Training Program and present them with the kit (a “special delivery” from their friends, the Potty Tots.) This acts as a great motivator, as all kids love to receive a package in the mail.

Step 4- Make sure to let your child decorate “their” bathroom with the potty chart and toilet bowl game and clings. This makes them feel special and they will want to go into the bathroom if it is colorful and fun!

Step 5- Read the book consistently every day/night and let them watch the DVD over and over again! This repetition is good for them to really understand the concept of potty training in pictures and they will relate to the Potty Tots who are going through the same stage of development that they are. After all, this is their first little task in taking care of themselves and they don’t want to feel alone or embarrassed.

Step 6- Make Potty Training FUN! Join in the singing and dancing! Let them be as independent as possible. The program was developed with this in mind and it helps to build confidence and self- esteem. There is no greater reward than that!

Remember this is Potty TRAINING! You are the Coach and they are just learning. Your job is to monitor and support! Above all, be consistent and prepared. Expect accidents and praise them for every effort, no matter how small.

Good Luck and remember our Motto, “I can do it!”

Happy Potty Training!
Jill Leech, Creator of Potty Tots